1. The site is available for new orders on Saturday afternoons, each week.
  2. As soon as the maximum number of orders, which we can deliver each day, is reached, the site will be blocked from new orders. Unlocking again the following Saturday.
  3. It is not possible to make changes to the baskets of the week
  4. Since deliveries are now made in single-use boxes (which should not be returned but recycled) instead of our bags, you will be charged € 1 for each carton.
  5. Payment for orders must be made only by bank transfer, only after receipt of the invoice on the day of delivery.
  6. Thank you for sending proof of payment to email,


1º – Verification of delivery locations

To order, start by checking if we deliver to your area of ​​residence or place of work (or other location where you want the basket to be delivered)

Note: If your address is not included in our delivery area, please contact us to find out about your intention to order, so that you can be on the “waiting list” or possibly so that it is possible to fulfill your request, combining a possible site that is accessible to you and us (within the metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon). Outside the Lisbon area, if you want a non-perishable product, we can send it by post. For this contact us via email or by phone.


2nd – Registration

You will have to register giving us all the necessary data for invoicing, delivery address and contact details. With the registration you will have access to your client area, where you can manage your data, as well as define the type of basket (weekly, biweekly, monthly, other) and access the history of your orders. Each customer has his space on the website, where he can see the orders and deliveries made, such as the status of his current order and current account at all times.


3rd – Buy

After login (after registration) you can choose 2 options:

  • Pre-defined basket
  • Custom basket

In the 1st option you will choose a basket defined by us, according to the general needs of the families, for one week. In this solution, you can change up to 2 products in the basket that you don’t like, replacing them with others of equal value (this change must be made in the order notes). You can also add more products that interest you. In the 2nd option you can choose from our wide range of products, fresh, groceries, etc … In any case the minimum order is € 20. You can also define the periodicity of your orders, which can be punctual, weekly ( define each week whether or not you want to receive your basket), biweekly (you will receive your biocabaz every other week), or monthly (you can order the 4 baskets on a monthly basis and receive your basket each week without any worries). In case you want any of these solutions please contact us by phone or email.


4th – Finalization of the order


5th – Payment methods

The payment methods for your basket are: bank transfer (to NIB Biobabaz), ATM at the time of delivery of the basket (we have a mobile ATM available to facilitate payment upon delivery) or MBway.

6th – Confirmation

Confirmation of your order via email. Upon receipt of your order you will receive an email with the list of products ordered, as well as the value of the same. The invoice will be sent to you by email shortly after good collection


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